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Power Bear Inductor New Product | MHB1008SG/MHB1012SG Series Introduction


1.Product overview

       Power Bear inductor is a type of inductor with low resistance, low inductance, and high current. As a type of SMT inductor, it is suitable for surface mount and reflow soldering. It can be applied in high current equipment demand scenarios such as motherboards, servers, and base stations, and has a high current carrying capacity.


  Mentech is one of the key manufacturers in the research and production of Power Bear inductors in China. Mentech’s Power Bear inductor adopts automated production processes from core assembly, copper terminal assembly, dispensing, cover plate, baking, testing, and packaging, ensuring stable product quality. The products have been widely used by many well-known manufacturers at home and abroad.


       In recent years, China's cloud computing industry has developed rapidly, and traditional enterprises using the cloud is one of the driving forces for data center business growth. The construction of cloud computing data centers has ushered in good development opportunities, and cloud computing manufacturers are keenly aware of the opportunities brought by the new infrastructure, and have successively announced plans to increase investment in data center construction.


       In the context of the trend of cloud computing construction and strong demand in the server market, as a traditional magnetic component category, Power Bear inductors have shown strong market vitality.

3.Product attribute 

1. Ultra low DC resistance

2. Excessive working current

3. High saturation current

4. Design of magnetic shielding structure

4.Application range

     Power supply circuits for CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs, etc. in scenarios such as supercomputers, data centers, cloud computing, servers, base stations, etc.

5.Product drawings and dimensions