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New product launch | Mentech’s Optical Magnetic Push-pull TIH Series Isolation Power Transformer


Mentech has launched the new TIHA, TIHJ, and TIHK series of isolation power transformers, providing efficient and safe isolation power solutions for various high and low voltage power application scenarios.

The new push-pull isolation transformer of Mentech adopts a circular winding structure, which has high transmission efficiency and extremely high coupling coefficient, meets the IEC62368-1 standard, and has basic or reinforced insulation.

Among them, the TIHA series is a compact push-pull transformer with a size of only 9.85 × 6.55 × 4.0mm, which is suitable for small-sized and low-power isolation power sources and meeting basic electrical insulation requirements. At the same time, the size of the TIHK series transformer is 14 × eleven × 8mm, with a minimum electrical clearance and creepage distance of 10mm, and a withstand voltage of up to 8000VDC between the primary and secondary sides. It is suitable for working systems with a voltage of 1000V.

The TIHA, TIHJ, and TIHK series transformers all contain different voltage conversion ratios, thus enabling 3.3V → 3.3V, 5V → 5V, 3.3V → 5V, or 5V → 12V voltage conversion. Moreover, this series of transformers can be applied to push-pull circuits with a switching frequency of 200~700kHz, with a working temperature range of -40 ℃~125 ℃, supporting a maximum rated current of 350mA, and meeting RoHS standards. If you have other needs, we will provide you with customized services.


List of series electrical characteristics


The Mentech’s TIHA, TIHJ, and TIHK series isolation transformers have been released and can be applied to BMS control circuits or energy storage systems (ESS). For more product information, please visit the official website or consult sales for the latest specifications.