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Leveraging our 5 global manufacturing centers, we deliver world-class, cross-regional manufacturing capabilities.

Over 82,000㎡ of manufacturing space, strategically located to integrate domestic and international supply chains.
80% smart factory transformation, harnessing automation to ensure exceptional quality.
5 global manufacturing centers, guaranteeing stable quality and worldwide supply.

Powering sustainable production with green energy solutions, supporting a carbon-neutral future.

Our Dongguan facility leverages an advanced energy storage system with an annual charge and discharge capacity of 900MWh. Plans are underway to double this capacity, further enhancing our green energy utilization.
The rooftop photovoltaic system at our Dongguan facility, with a 114KW capacity, generates 110MWh annually, reducing carbon emissions by approximately 110 tons each year.
Featuring Mentech's innovative modular integrated cabinet solution, our self-built data center optimizes energy efficiency, saving around 21,112kWh of electricity annually.

Driving innovation through our advanced digital development platform for key technologies.

Since our inception in 2008, we have partnered with over 300 industry-leading collaborators to develop cutting-edge technologies.
Our team of 5,000+ Mentech employees utilizes our digital platform to enhance product performance and quality, ensuring excellence in every product.
With a robust team of over 300 senior R&D professionals, Mentech fosters deep collaborations with academic institutions, establishing research centers that advance our industry-academia innovation strategy.

Mentech understands that leading knowledge and technology are the sources of competitiveness. Therefore, we continuously research cutting-edge technologies. Here are some of our achievements:

341 authorized patents
46 software copyrights
42 high-tech products
39 drafted standards
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Product Line

Magnetic Product Line

Originating from magnetic components, we are dedicated to the R&D, production, and sales of high-precision, high-power-density electronic components. Our product line covers both communication and power series, providing highly efficient electronic components for a wide range of industries, including communication networks, consumer electronics, automotive equipment, and new energy applications.

Optical Product Line

Through chip-level integration, we offer highly competitive optical transceivers. Our TeleCom catalog features a diverse range of products, while our DataCom catalog specializes in OEM, ODM, and JDM services for data center optical transceivers. Additionally, we possess advanced packaging and manufacturing capabilities for high-end devices such as COB and BOX.

Power Product Line

Focused on high-efficiency, high-quality power products, including power adapters, USB chargers, and custom bare board power supplies. Our manufacturing base in Vietnam offers global production services for overseas customers.

Energy Product Line

Centered on digitalization, efficiency, and intelligence, we offer smart energy technology solutions and manufacturing support. Our main products include communication power systems, photovoltaic energy storage power systems, and commercial and industrial photovoltaic storage and charging solutions.

Home Energy Storage Product Line

Providing comprehensive energy storage solutions for homes, including home energy storage integrated machines, balcony photovoltaic integrated machines, inverters, battery packs, and various accessories.

Consumer Product Line

Our consumer brand, Meicarbon, aims to become a global leader in low-carbon solutions. We provide all-in-one product solutions for a low-carbon lifestyle, including smart cycling equipment and intelligent energy storage and charging systems.

At Mentech, we bring your most innovative ideas and products to life.


Entrepreneurship / Extreme / Pragmatic / Agile

Mentech is a comprehensive technology company that integrates R&D, production, sales, and services. Since our founding in 2008, we have been delivering top-quality products and technical solutions to leading customers in fields such as 5G and network data communication, industrial Internet, and smart home technologies.

By prioritizing energy efficiency and leveraging our technological expertise, we have embraced the low-carbon trend to connect directly with end consumers. Our mission is to become a company that truly lets technology resonate with life.

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