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Versatile product design and manufacturing capabil
Magnetic Components - Electronic Product Line
1.Power Magnetic Components
Planar Transformer
Flat coil inductor
Molding  Inductors
Power Bead
Common Mode Inductor
POE Transformer
OBC Transformer
Flat Wire Common Mode Inductance
TV Power Transformer
Power Adapter Transformer
Automotive Transformer
Automotive Inductor
High Power Wound Inductor
Potting Inductor
Wound Type Transformer
2.Telecom Magnetic Components
Chip Lan Transformer
Traditional Lan Transformer
RF Transformer
Chip Inductor
PLC Transformer
Telecom Transformer
BMS Transformer
Optical Modules and Components - Optical Product Line
1. 400G Optical Modules
2. 100G Optical Modules
100G QSFP28
100G AOC
3. 40G Optical Modules
4. 25G Optical Modules
25G SFP28
5. 10G Optical Modules
10G SFP+
6. Sub-10G Optical Modules
3~6G SFP
2.5G SFP
1.25G SFP
155M~622M SFP
7. PON Optical Modules
Power Products - Power Product Line
1.Direct Plug-in Adapter
6W Series
12W Series
15W Series
18W Series
24W Series
30W Series
36W Series
43.2W Series
2.Desktop Adapter
15W Series
48W Series
60W Series
65W Series
120W Series
140W Series
150W Series
QC 18W Series
PD 20W Series
PD 65W Series
PD 140W Series
4.Open Frame Adapter
12W Series
18W Series
36W Series
54W Series
84W Series
117W Series
150W Series
Energy Equipment --- Energy Product Line
1.Telecom Power Supply Equipments
48V DC Power Supply System for Telecom
Embedded Switch Mode Power Supply
Wall Mounted Switch Mode Power Supply
Combined Switch Mode Power Supply Cabinet
Outdoor Switch Mode Power Supply
Power Bank
Trailing Box Type AC & DC Emergency Power Bank
Emergency Power Bank
Standby Time Expander for Basestation
Vehicle Mounted Energy Storage Power Supply
Power Converter Equipment for Telecom
Embedded DC-DC Converter
Embedded DC-DC Boost Converter
Hybrid Battery Switch Unit
DC Remote Feeding Power Supply
Power Converter Module for Telecom
Rectifier Module
DC-DC Converter Module
Inverter Module
2.Communication Photovoltaic Energy Storage
Independent Photovoltaic System
Outdoor PV Power Supply Cabinet
Wall-Mounted PV Power Supply
PV Junction Box
Hybrid Energy Management System
Outdoor PV-DG Hybrid Power Management System
Outdoor PV-Mains Hybrid Power Management System
Wind-PV Hybrid Power Management System
Adding PV system to the existing power
Stacked Light System
PV Optimizer
PV Combiner Box
PV System for Data Center
PV System for Data Center
Energy Storage System
PV & Energy Storage System for Data Center
Computer Room Energy Storage System
Modules and Monitoring Platform
Control and Monitoring Platform
PV Module
Intelligent Lithium Battery Module
3.Industrial and Commercial Photovoltaic Energy Storage
Air-Cooled Integrated Energy Storage Cabinet
Cold Plate Liquid Cooling Integrated Energy Storage Cabinet
Immersion Liquid Cooling Integrated Energy Storage Cabinet
PV Grid-Connected Inverter
Electric Bicycle Optical Storage and Charging Station
Service Process Overview

At Mentech (Dongguan Mentech Optical & Magnetic Co., Ltd.), customer satisfaction is our unwavering priority. Our highly skilled and experienced technical team is dedicated to delivering exceptional products and services. Choosing Mentech means partnering with a reliable collaborator focused on every detail to ensure seamless project execution.

OEM Process
ODM Process
Customization Process
Product Design
Sample Validation
Production Preparation
Mass Production
Quality Control
Requirement Analysis
Preliminary Design
Sample Production
Product Optimization
Mass Production
Requirement Definition
Design Proposal
Confirmation and Modification
Sample Production
Mass Production
Core Competencies in Manufacturing Services
Advanced Manufacturing Capabilities

Mentech operates five manufacturing centers worldwide, establishing a world-class, efficient, and robust manufacturing capability system. Those over 82,000 square meter facilities span various regions, with integrated supply chains both domestically and internationally. This enables us to consistently provide timely, high-quality production services.

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