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The Home Energy Storage Product Line provides comprehensive and reliable energy management solutions for households. Our product range includes integrated home energy storage systems, balcony photovoltaic systems, inverters, battery packs, and various accessories, ensuring a complete home energy solution.

At the core of our solutions is the integrated home energy storage system, which combines advanced energy storage technology with intelligent control systems to provide continuous power support. Whether for daily household electricity needs or emergency power outages, the home energy storage system ensures a reliable energy supply.

Our balcony photovoltaic system utilizes balcony space for solar power generation, offering clean and renewable energy. This innovative design not only reduces household energy costs but also supports multi-scenario usage both indoors and outdoors.

Inverters and battery packs are crucial components of the home energy system. Inverters convert direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) to meet household electricity needs, while battery packs store excess solar energy for later use. Additionally, we offer various accessories, including connecting cables and monitoring systems, to facilitate the installation and management of your home energy system.

Whether customers seek environmental sustainability or wish to save on energy expenses, our home energy storage products provide an ideal solution.

Product Display

BP2200 Balcony Power Station

Model: BP2200
Battery capacity: 2048Wh:5%(40Ah/51.2V)
Battery Model: LiFeP04