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Multiple Awards! Mentech’s XGSPON ONU 10G Optical Module Assists in the New Infrastructure of All Optical Network, Realizing AI and VR Interaction Paths.


   The national "14th Five Year Plan" clearly requires: to firmly build a strong online country and a digital China. We should systematically layout new infrastructure and promote the optimization and upgrading of the economic system.

   With the rapid development of global information technology, digitalization, networking and intelligence are widely recognized as the general trend of social development. With the application of intelligent equipment and sensing detection technology in various industries, the interconnection of all things is gradually forming. At the same time, supercomputers and cloud computing have enabled us to work and live in a more refined and dynamic way, and they have accelerated the transformation of various industries towards intelligent development.


   Many countries have incorporated the Internet of Things and cloud computing into their development strategies. With the continuous maturity of information technologies such as the global Internet of Things and cloud computing, the scope circle of smart homes, smart parks, and smart cities will be upgraded, expanded, optimized, and improved in an orderly manner, ultimately forming a smart earth. Thus changing the way governments, companies, and people interact, improving interaction efficiency and quality.

   Our world is becoming smaller, flatter, and smarter. "Smart homes and businesses have an increasing demand for businesses such as online live streaming, VR games, online education, online video conferencing, and video surveillance. In our life, everything is interconnected, and people's demand for high-speed and high-capacity fiber optic communication driven by upstream bandwidth is becoming increasingly urgent.



   The Optoelectronic Business Unit of Mentech has vertical integration and large-scale production capabilities from TO to optical devices and optical modules, as well as high-end device packaging design and manufacturing capabilities for COB and BOX.

   The R&D team of the Optoelectronic Business Unit began developing and verifying the 10G symmetric terminal module as early as 2016, and officially mass-produced the 10G symmetric terminal module (XGSPON ONU module) in 2017. This module has been certified by domestic and foreign system vendors and entered the main supply sequence.

   The Mentech’s Optical Magnetic XGS-PON ONU module meets the requirements of ITU-T G987.2 and other protocols, adopting SFP+packaging, which is industrial grade product specifications (-40~85 ) and commercial grade product specifications (-5~75 ), single fiber bidirectional interface (SC/UPC - domestic or SC/APC - overseas). In addition, its emission working wavelength is 1270nm, and the emission rate is 9.953 GB/s. Also, the module’s receiving wavelength is 1577nm, and the receiving rate is 9.953 GB/s.


 The series of products has excellent Wi-Fi resistance and EMC protection performance. The receiver part uses coaxial sealed APD-TIA (APD with cross impedance amplifier), which has excellent strong light protection function. And the product is not damaged when receiving strong light at 5dBm.

   Module’s core technical indicators:


◆ Digital diagnostic monitoring (DDM) with internal calibration

◆ SFP+ package with SCUPC receptacle connector

◆+3.3V separated power supply, low power dissipation

◆LVPEC Interface logic level for data input

◆CML interface logic level for data output

◆LVTTL for burst signal input

◆LVTTL for receiver loss of signal detect indication

◆Compliant with ITU-T G.9807

◆SFF-8472 compliant

◆Telcordia GR-468-COREand MIL-STD-883compliant  

◆RoHS-6/6 compliant

◆ Operating temperature range: 0℃~ +70℃ or -40℃~85℃

◆ IEC 60825-1 compliant

◆ FCC Part 15 Class B /EN55022 Class B (CISPR 22B)/VCCI Class B compliant